Aerial Photo of a Forest

Where is Cascadia?

The name derives from the geological fault line, and Cascade Mountain Range, that spans from Southern British Columbia, Canada through Washington, Oregon and into Northern California. The inspiring scenery and unique experiences with nature and culture are unparalleled. The dramatic peaks of the mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, scenic coastlines dotted with forested islands and rugged beaches, pristine glacial lakes and cascading waterfalls, 8 US National Parks and 7 Canadian National Parks. The urban get-aways of Portland, Seattle along with Victoria and Vancouver in BC, complement the natural wonders.

Things to Know

With so much ground to cover in the Pacific Northwest, where do you start?

Our expert trip curators work with you on a one-on-one basis to create a custom trip just for you. Blending our firsthand experience, local knowledge and extensive connections with your interests and preferences, ends with an exceptional and unforgettable experience. In general, we typically recommend 3-4 nights per regional stop to allow ample time to discover each place and take in the best it has to offer. 

Cascadia FAQ's

When is the best time to visit?

Most regions in the Pacific Northwest are available year round with unique opportunities for each season, and a variety of indoor experiences or outdoor adventures - no matter the weather. City visits and hiking is possible all year, summer brings boating and water activities and great wildlife watching experiences, crowdless fall hikes and exceptional whale watching, or winter adventures like skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

What are the seasons?

Summer (dry) season is generally June-September and the most popular time to visit (this time period can be heavily booked up close to a year in advance). Autumn/Fall is October & November and brings cooler weather and a mix of rainy, overcast and sunny days. Beautiful fall colors punctuate your hikes. Winter (December-February) may bring snow to higher elevations and mountainous regions but more often these are cooler, wetter days closer to the coast. Spring (March-May) - one of our most fickle seasons, we may have late snows or exceptionally warm days, it's always a surprise!

What areas do you specialize in?

We cover the entire Cascadia region (Pacific Northwest) from British Columbia, Canada to Washington and Oregon. We can also assist with extensions into Idaho, Montana and California.

What activities can I expect?

Almost everything! Culinary lovers have no shortage of great restaurants, famed Pike Place Market, coffee bars, incredible wineries and craft breweries and distilleries, or hands-on cooking classes/experiences. Outdoor Adventures - nature tours, hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, river rafting, rock climbing and exploring the 'Ring of Fire' volcanoes. Our rugged islands feature wonderful scenery, whale watching trips, as well as artisan shops. Take in rich local traditions with Native American cultural centers, heritage sites, glass-blowing art museum, environment and social projects.

Where are the best places to see wildlife?

For coastal wildlife (whales - orca, humpback, seasonal gray whales, sea lions...) we love the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula. Deer, eagles, hawks, rabbits, raccoons, bobcats and black bear are commonly seen wildlife. The wondrous Spirit Bear can best be seen on a unique trip in British Columbia during late August to early October.

What is the accommodation like?

We err on the side of luxury, so we will strive to include the very best accommodation available for the location. The major cities offer first class hotels. In more remote areas, we partner with beautiful, rustic mountain lodges or incredible seascape coastal retreats and inns. There are a few places that offer unique stays such as modern yurts, glamping tents or modified air streams. We also have a collection of incredible private cabins and villas. We are careful to set your expectations as not all may offer amenities you may be used to at home (Wi-Fi connections, Air-Conditioning, TV etc.).

How do you work?

We will have an initial conversation to discuss your plans - all our itineraries are fully personalized to each traveler based on what you like to see and do, how much time you have to figure out what makes the most sense logistically, and to offer some guidance on other ideas for hidden gems you may not know about. Our design fees will vary on the trip length and complexity, but generally start at $399 for a custom itinerary. This will include everything from your car rentals, accommodations and day-to-day plans. We handle your concierge needs as well - from restaurants, spa days, to winery/breweries suggestions to coordinating activities with naturalist guides and some of other local partners for special experiences. We add a 10% margin to your overall costs.