Forest Scene




After 20 years in Kenya, the lure of the Pacific Northwest was too strong to ignore. Since the early 90's, I have lived and worked in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington. Now I use my extensive knowledge of the beautiful Cascadia region to craft private custom-designed itineraries for you to experience the incredible diversity that the PNW offers. I look forward to our working together as we plan your exciting and memorable journey and rediscover the joy of spending precious time with your loved ones as you weave new family memories.



A Washington native, born and raised in the Seattle area, I cannot imagine calling anywhere else home. The diversity of nature paired with the mini-city experiences of downtown offer so much. I spend my free-time hiking, out on the water on the sound, wandering the urban nature parks, tasting the newest releases at local wineries and breweries, and checking out the museums and best restaurants. I've lived here my whole life, and there's always something new to do.  The only question is where I'll wander to next; high on my list is the Bear Rainforest in BC and a return visit to Willamette for a wine getaway.