Ecotravel & Sustainability Practices

Our backyard is full of many natural wonders - from National Parks filled with old-growth forests, inland waterways that are habitats for many fish like salmon and trout, agricultural farmlands, high desert and the beautiful Pacific Ocean; home to our beloved Orca whales. We want to keep these places as clean and natural as possible both for our use, and generations to come.


We connect travelers with our carefully selected partners who endeavor to have a positive impact on both the local environment and community. Since 2018 we have embraced a remote office concept to reduce commuting/local traffic and cutting electrical/power expenditure. We have also gone paperless with all our itineraries done via our private Travel App, and any paperwork via email/Docusign.  We participate in local community projects for cleaning up trails, environmental projects such as tree-planting and restoration. 

What can visitors do?

Here are a few easy ways to contribute to nature conservation when traveling: 

  • Practice 'Leave No Trace' - do not litter (even compostable items such as left over fruit as it may not be endemic to the area and may be harmful to wildlife

  • Use reusable containers such as water bottles, bags for purchases

  • Keep lights or other electronics off when not in use

  • Turn off your vehicle engine when stopped for extended periods of time 

  • Go Electric or Eco-Friendly (i.e. walking/biking) when you can

  • Adhere to 'burn bans' (no campfires)  in dry, hot weather - Wildfires are becoming increasingly more commonplace causing irreparable damage, many of which are caused by humans (campfires, tossing cigarettes, fireworks)