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Why travel with us?

You are trusting us with one of the most valuable things you have, your time. Whether this is an adventure with your loved one, a holiday with your family, or a solo journey, we know that making every single moment of your travel beyond extraordinary is important. We take that seriously.

PARTNERS   There is no other way to say it. Our first priority is to ensure that you have an exceptional experience with the highest level of quality and care. Part of the way we reinforce this experience this is through our hand-selected partners. From guides, to exquisite accommodations, to insider restaurants, we have a rigorous vetting process to ensure that every one of our partners will offer you an extraordinary experience. 

Mountain Peaks

EXPERIENCE   We have been working in the travel industry for over 40 years, and 98% of all of our clients are repeat clients. We think that says a lot. Our local trip designers and field experts have an immense in-depth knowledge into the edginess that Cascadia is famous for!

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QUALITY   We specialize in travel that aims for the highest quality standards available in our region. This means that we reach out to our partners before you get here to tell them all about you. We advocate on your behalf for the best things on offer. 

Your private arrangements will allow you the greatest opportunity for customization and flexibility specifically catered to your interests.

Drinks in the Garden

BEYOND THE ORDINARY  Our experiences immerse you in our stunning nature, take you deeper into the local culture, and give you an opportunity to slow down. Mingle with the hop-grower of a craft brewery, or sample the newest vintages with a winemaker. Hike the Cascades with a local or take a scenic drive to the charming coastal villages with miles of beaches, sand dunes and stunning sunsets.